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January 1998

Marv Beloff  Volume 5
January 1998

From the editor:

Dear Wooden Bow Tiers and Friends,

Wooden Bow Tie Fun with our web site has reached new heights. Andy Simonow our original web master, due to the pressure of a remarkable new job has been replaced by . Tom Barton, president. has dramatically enhanced our site and provided a multitude of valuable Internet linkages. More than 3000 visitors have checked us out. That many hits is very encouraging. Hope you will make time to see our site for yourself,

The membership roster is growing! Many well known fashion trend setters have joined our group and are happily showing their handsome wooden bow ties to the wonderment and admiration of all. Most sales still come from word of mouth.

We were a poetic component of the "Editorís Letter Cheers!" in the December Connecticut Magazine. Customized to the cadence of "Tíwas The Night Before Christmas" our member Charles A. Monagan included, "The folks at" Thanks for the mention Charlie!

A member in the State of Washington, a Psychiatrist, saw our Associated Press article and ordered a checkerboard tie. A collector of Pythons, he called asking for a tie with a reptile on it. Unlike wood, snakes have a repeating pattern. We used some unique zebra stripe wood, added some birch, cut it up and glued it in two clumps. The carved results hopefully resembled what was requested. A couple of garnet eyes completed the tie.

Jim Flood, our newest member, bought five ties for his Cheshire factory gift store. Bovano of Cheshire, is famed for its manufacture of glass enameled creations, especially animal and bird wall hangings. Jim is also active in the "Made in Connecticut Guild." Many of us are attempting to make that phrase as meaningful as "Made in Vermont."

We had an annual meeting of charter members at limerickster, Bruce Burchstedís house last week. Although it was somewhat raucous in that the Self Appointed Presidentís role was challenged, Iím happy to report that the evening ended in tranquillity. Important discussions evolved about web site philosophy and sales. The highlight of the evening was a limerick written in three stanzas by Bruce Burchsted about how we Bow Tiers excite the trades-people when we spend a few days at our favorite B & B in Chester, Vermont. It will be reprinted soon in our web site limericks section.

Talking about limericks, how about a weekly limerick for the web site. Limerick writers and wood bow tiers should be compatible. There could be a free wood bow tie in it for someone. It could make a difference and will probably add a new dimension to our site. The theme can go anywhere. Iím eager to see what you can come up with. Please consider submitting one!

All our very best wishes for a healthy, happy New Year.



P.S. If you have a fax or email please send that information to me for the your next newsletter! Thanks!


International Wooden Bow Tie Club
5112 Ashlar Village, Wallingford, CT 06492
Telephone 203-265-3001