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October 1997

Marv Beloff  Volume 4
October 1997

From the editor:

Dear Wooden Bow Tiers and Friends,

Wooden Bow Tie Still growing

Our organization is growing! Not exponentially, mind you, but nicely and controllably. We have added more new Wood Bow Tiers this past quarter primarily due to a surprise Associated Press interview which appeared in newspapers across the country. Also, our web site continues to attract a wide audience. We have had over 2200 hits. Orders have come from Shreveport LA, Olympia WA, Philadelphia PA, New York, Texas, California and Florida. A number of fun comments have surfaced on our guest page. I hope you have had an opportunity to check them out. A few had to be expunged as they went beyond good taste.

Wooden Bow Tie IWBTC exposure

We have had retail exposure at the Connecticut Store in Waterbury, The Louisville Tie Shop in Louisville KY, at a Junior Woman’s Club fund raiser in Greenwich CT, and are probably going to appear in the holiday gala held annually at the Weslyan Potters in Middletown Connecticut.

Wooden Bow Tie A group of us wore our ties to a successful Lobster Fest fund raiser for the Chorale Connecticut. I wish you could all have been with us. We were treated to two pound lobsters and all the fixings.

Wooden Bow Tie Special Requests

Marc Rosen, owner of the Valencia Liquor Shop, saw my tie, a black walnut, strung ukulele running across a maple tie. He requested a tie featuring a wine bottle pouring into a wine glass. The bottle and glass were made of rosewood glued to maple. I added a few pieces of guitar gut which looked like pouring wine. Proudly, he is our most recent new member. He has been very generous to the Chorale. This is the second fund raiser in which Valencia offered almost unlimited quantities of wine, free to all who came.

Wooden Bow Tie Time is fleet of foot! Electioneering is rampant. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the gift giving holidays are already upon us. Remember, a hand carved wooden bow tie makes a most unusual gift.

Wooden Bow Tie Best wishes for a happy and healthy end to 1997 and sensational, gala passage to the new year. When you visit our page again, leave a comment - guest page, hit ADD.

Wear your ties. Tell your friends!!!!

Happy Holidays! Sincerely,


P.S. If you have a fax or email please send that information to me for the your next newsletter! Thanks!



International Wooden Bow Tie Club
5112 Ashlar Village, Wallingford, CT 06492
Telephone 203-265-3001