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July 1997

Marv Beloff  Volume 3
July 1997

From the editor:

Dear Wooden Bow Tiers and Friends,

Wooden Bow Tie Hello Again! I'm happy to report that we are still growing. Not swelling, mind you, but growing slowly and pleased that the pace is no more demanding. Of course the caliber of member continues to be quite notable. The number of hits on the web site keeps escalating. We have already reached in excess of 1850 inquiries. Perhaps that suggests impending growth.

Wooden Bow Tie Members in action

Our member Charlie Monagan wrote an extraordinary editorial in Connecticut Magazine which he publishes. It's about the health care industry and merger of Aetna/U.S. Healthcare in particular. It offers a valuable insight into the machinations of big business in our lives. Recommended reading! The story is clear, understandable and refreshingly relevant! Also, the wonderful article in March Connecticut Magazine about the IWBTC generated a great deal of comment and about seven bow tie sales. Limerick Laureate Bruce Burchsted wore a very special ebony bow tie at the wedding of his daughter, Shelly. It really looked good. It was actually a loan to a charter member, but he refused to give it back! We had a nice story about the IWBTC in Woodshop News which goes to over 90,000 woodworkers. It also produced a few sales. Word of mouth is still the best way to increase membership. Tell your friends! At a prestigious art show at the Kent Art Association building in Kent Connecticut, twenty-one different wooden bow ties are displayed. They spiral up and down a 36 inch column, 6 inches in diameter. It's painted a deep shade of green. I called it a compound sculpture? It was accepted. On view until July 6th.

Wooden Bow Tie Marv in the news

There was a nice surprise article in the Sunday June 8th edition of the Meriden Record-Journal about me. Glenn Smith, a remarkable "sculptor with words," spent about three weeks following me around until he had his story. Equally talented photographer Jon Olson did likewise. He even lay at the bottom of the new YMCA swimming pool to get me in full stroke. You may have noticed at the bottom of the home page on our web site we refer to . It's another web site describing my sanding invention. The product is now injection molded in thermoplastic rubber. It's beginning to sell like hot -cakes. If you want one please let me know. We have to get together one day as a group. It may not be too practical but would be a treat to see one another - all decked out in our wooden bow ties, sharing stories and experiences relevant only to a wooden bow tie wearer!

Wooden Bow Tie On location

We're at Lake Beseck, in Middlefield CT until mid October. If your planning to be in the area please call 860-349-9328.
Have a great July 4th and happy summer.
Wear your bow ties proudly!



P.S. If you have a fax or email please send that information to me for the your next newsletter! Thanks!


International Wooden Bow Tie Club
5112 Ashlar Village, Wallingford, CT 06492
Telephone 203-265-3001