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The Story of Wooden Bow Ties

Marv Beloff, Founder & Sculpter of IWBTC


Marv Beloff

Frustrated, I was frustrated!

I like plaid, striped, colorful shirts with solid navy or camel sport jackets for every day wear. Tiresome solid white or blue shirts go to parties.

I wanted a solid, basic bow tie to wear with my favorite shirts. I used to have some, but my wife threw them away years ago. I shopped! Few bows and no solids. I went to antique and consignment shops, hip department stores and forward thinking, creative retailers. Nothing, nada, zero!

I'm a wood sculptor. At about the same time I was carving a story board of family figures from a piece of North Carolina yellow pine, it suddenly seemed to light up everywhere with bow ties, like a throbbing pinball machine. The marvelous grain I was working on, looked like bow ties? Furiously, with mallet and chisel flying, the first wooden bow tie was born.

A piece of cross-grain ribbon with Velcro positive and negative ends was attached. I slipped the ends around my plaid shirt collar, and pressed the Velcro tabs together. My search was ended!

The following day I wore the tie when hosting my local Cox Cable TV interview show. It was a hit! I made more. I added a flare or changed the design until there were four incarnations that pleased me.

At a charity auction I provided two wooden bow ties. They were quickly bid up to $300.00 each. This activity was repeated a few times. When there were about ten active wooden bow tie enthusiasts it was decided to establish the International Wooden Bow Tie Club.

Small wooden bow tie pins called "splinter group" were created for spouses. Trips to the theater, Essex CT. Railroad Dinner Train, New Orleans and others were organized. A SAP (Self Appointed President) happened. We were off and running! Appropriate plastic coated membership cards were printed and a web site established.

We're excited! What fun we're having! We proudly wear our ties and feel as though we belong to a very exclusive, artistic club.

A wooden bow tie will evoke admiration from family and friends. It will fascinate strangers and arouse envy! I hand sculpt each individually. No two will be exactly alike. Getting yours is easy, find out more!

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