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Wooden Bow Ties

Welcome to the International Wooden Bow Tie Club! Become a member when you purchase your wooden bow tie. A wooden bow tie will evoke admiration from family and friends. It will fascinate strangers and arouse envy! I hand sculpt each individually. No two will be exactly alike. Getting yours is easy, find out more!         

By wearing an official IWBTC wooden bow tie you can actually get improvements in your life. Wood bow ties can be ordered by contacting us through our online form or by calling us at 203-265-3001.
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Marv Beloff - Sculptor and Author
      Peter Burch - SAP ( Self Appointed President )







SEE...BILL KENT - famous sculptor


(pictures featured - click on - Photo Gallery of Custom Ties)

Limerick -
There once was a curious guy
Adorned with a wooden bow tie
And wherever he went
They said "There's a gent ..
Who pines to be knotty, oh my!"
Bruce Burchsted '96 - Author





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International Wooden Bow Tie Club
5112 Ashlar Village, Wallingford, CT 06492
Telephone 203-265-3001