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A broom, for a ride, some may hitch.

While others, to a carpet, will switch.

But, on a dark night,

With limited sight,

It's hard to tell witch craft from which.

Bruce Burchsted Feb. 2007


He discovered a bowtie of wood,

Not sure if he should or he would,

But the tying was neater,

the comments were sweeter,

And the beavers all thought he looked good!

R.P Hockmuth MD, Rye, NH and the World, November 2006 


There was a young lady from France.

Who decided she'd just take a chance.

So she let herself go,

for an hour or so,

And now all her sisters are aunts.

W. Burt May, 2002 


Marv Beloff makes ties in a bow

 And with wood there is no need to sew.

 Done with chisel and mallet

 And a bit of his talent,

 So no woe bestows to this pro.

Peter Burch - SAP, IWBTC - August 8, 2000 



Dear Marvin,

Your bowties are great, but I'm very concerned about your promoting limericks.  Have you any idea how lousy life is for the lowly limerist? Allow me to elucidate!

A lim - rick or two at first,

And soon you are scorned at and cursed!

So stop right today,

That rhyming away,

Lest things go from bad to versed!


Here's to a good friend of mine...

To Marvin, that carver divine!

The one in the know

Of tying a bow

From the fibers of maple or pine.

He sculpts his neck-ware from lots

Of woods fine and rare, some with spots.

His bow-ties are good,

And, as long as there's wood,

May he always be tied up in knots.

Bruce Burchsted '99


Get a tie you can wear with aplomb

If of bows you have not a qualm

(They're made of light wood

And look pretty good)...

Made to order at

S. Smith - Sept '99


There was this old sculptor named Gust,

Who thought he might carve a great bust,

On the very last stroke, the crazy thing broke,

And poor Gust was left standing in dust.

Dick Kupstis, Great Web-site! - July '99


Since I rarely wear a coat, I,

Invariably wear no tie,

But were I to wear one,

And not because I'm your son,

It would certainly be a wood bow tie!

Jim Beloff - Jan '98



The Greenleaf of Chester Vermont

Is surely our favorite haunt;

And word does go out,

That we are about,

Whenever to Chester we jaunt.

"Those people..." they say with a frown,

"...of Robin and Jerry's... in town!

And in poor little Chester,

There's seldom a rester,

When it's known that we've come aroun'.

Each shop owner and restaurateur,

And dealer of Junque du Jour,

Keeps open an eye,

As we wander by...

For they know that we're sanity poor!

And from breakfast with Robin and Jerry,

Through dinner, to wherever we ferry,

There's an excess of mirth,

And an increase of girth,

As we eat, and we drink, and be merry.

Bruce Burchsted - Dec. '97


Posted on the chest of a barmaid from Sale

Was tatooed all the prices of ale.

Pasted on her behind,

for the sake of the blind,

Was precisely the same, but in braille.

Marzia Pauwels - Jan. '99


On Beseck Lake Marvin went boating.

Attired in best shirt and coating.

When his trusty boat sank,

Marv's mind became blank,

But his wooden bow tie kept him floating.

Mark Hamilton


There once was a Y's man named Marvin,

Whose hobby was sculptin' and carvin'.

He sold wooden bow ties.

Which was really quite wise.

It kept carvin' Marvin from starvin'!



A swain from Maine wore wooden bow ties.

Hes dead, tis said they caused his demise.

While his pipe he lighted,

His bow tie ignited,

And fried his hide from chin to eyes!

1st limerick - from Hartford CT- anonymous


There once was a curious guy

Adorned with a wooden bow tie

And wherever he went

They said "There's a gent ..

Who pines to be knotty, oh my!"

Bruce Burchsted '96 - Author


There once was a guy named Marv Beloff

He was walking down the street when his heel fell off

He picked it up, and with a sigh

He made him self a wooden bow tie

To trend with Marv, little dough you'll cough

Web Solutions '97 - Jim Pasinski

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