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January 1997

Marv Beloff  Volume 1
January 1997

From the editor:

Dear Wooden Bow Tiers and Friends,

Wooden Bow Tie To begin with we’re having fun with our web site. More than 1,000 visitors have touched base with us since we began. Andy Simonow, our Internet guru and page designer, says that many hits in only five weeks is some kind of a record.

Wooden Bow Tie Growing and growing

Our roster is growing! Some very well known fashion trend setters have joined our group and are happily showing their handsome wooden bow ties to the wonderment and admiration of all. One wrote, "I wore it to a big holiday party and was not beaten up; indeed, the tie drew women like ducks to wonder bread and I even detected what I took to be admiring sidelong glances from several gents." Another wrote about the, "bow tie, which is not only extraordinarily beautiful but also quite useful."

Wooden Bow Tie Prestigious listings

You’ll be happy to know we are listed in many prestigious areas of the Web including Yahoo and Web Crawler. We are aware of people getting on from all over the world. One Londoner keeps getting on to our site almost daily.

Wooden Bow Tie New designs

We have been playing with new designs and materials. Requests for specialized ties are being looked into. Recently, a bow tie was created for a collector of bears, it has the face of a bear reversed on each side of the tie. For the inventor of the Cigar Savor we created a bow tie of two cigars, simulated with ash and fire to look lighted, one burning left and the other toward the right, wrapped in the middle with his cigar ring logo.

Wooden Bow Tie New on the site

Watch for additions to our web site in the planning stages - a photo gallery sporting members and their ties - if interested submit a small photo of you in your favorite wooden bow tie. When you visit our page again, you will also find a new on-line guest book where you can leave your comments and read those of others. We’ve also added music - the "maple" rag!

Wooden Bow Tie New marketing

We are considering test marketing our product at a small, unique up-scaled men’s clothing chain. We’ll report more when and if the negotiations are finalized.

P.S. If you have a fax or email please send that information to me for the your next newsletter! Thanks!


International Wooden Bow Tie Club
5112 Ashlar Village, Wallingford, CT 06492
Telephone 203-265-3001