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Wood Walking Staffs
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Walking Staffs

Marv Beloff - sculptor

Staff carved by Marv BeloffI'm a sculptor who ordinarily creates for the moment.   I have carved ten different walking staffs and use them to ease a sensitive hip.   They are primarily made from North Carolina yellow pine.  The wood is very hard and is often used for wood floors.  It is my wood of choice as it has the most wonderfully interesting grain structure and is strong enough for use as a hiking staff.   Dubbed the "Moses" staff by some friends, they are 53" high and sport a crutch rubber bottom cap. For pictures see staff photo gallery. Each will be slightly different as they are hand made.  Travel experiences with the staffs, such as a five day sail out of New Orleans on the Mississippi Queen, were quite remarkable.   It was almost embarrassing, to have been stopped so often, by people asking about my staff.  Although, I imagine they are unique enough to attract a large number of people.  Each staff takes about a week to create.

Price = $250.00, includes postage and handling.

For pictures of other larger sculptures - please contact sculptor.

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