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April 1998

Marv Beloff  Volume 6
April 1998

From the editor:

Dear Wooden Bow Tiers and Friends,

Wooden Bow TieBow ties are coming back!  Although wooden bow ties still have a way to go, we are both patient and pleased with the development.

Bill Kenerson CEO of Beau Ties Ltd.  Of Vermont, chose to include us in his January, 1998, and Spring 1998, 30 page Bow Tie Catalog.  We were given ˝ page. We’ve sold 7 so far of the pictured No. 3 dark striped tie.  The catalog reaches more than 40,000 homes.   We thank Bill for his faith in us and welcome him and Beau Tie Ltd. to the group.

This past month through our active web site we heard from Roland Dussart Desart from Brussels, Belgium.  He ordered No. 5 the Four Stripe.   We talked via email about creating a tie carved with the symbol of  justice.  It was sent to him last week.  A blindfolded woman’s face as the knot with arms rising from the center to the top of each side holding a scale.  Hope he likes it! Also heard from Jose Orestes De S Nery from Sao Paulo, Brazil who placed his order for No. 7 Novelty Arc.   Another web respondent who bought three ties.  They were No.’s 5 - 6 - 7.

An ebony tie No. 9 was purchased by folks for their son in New York City.  They run a neat B & B called Gasthaus Wendlingen in Whitefish, Montana.  We also donated two ties for the Springfield Mass. Public TV fund raiser.

A group of IWBTC members will be returning for another gala weekend in June at our favorite B & B, in Chester, Vermont, The Greenleaf Inn.
Those bow-tiers who are around us have had a number of occasions to wear our ties at local events.



‘Tis the season to be gloomy.  We are all conscious of an imminent, looming tax moment and bothered with the machinations of partisan political brawling ever present in all our media.  I, for one, hope for an end to it post haste.

And again on a brighter note, we’ve many new members since we last spoke including Steve Graseck, auto mechanic, par excellence, especially for Saabs.  With my new color printer I’m able to print the enclosed new brochure.  We’re cranking them out.

Hope you will make time to see our newly revised web site at More than 3900 visitors have checked us out.  That many hits is very encouraging.  The membership roster is growing!  Many well known fashion trend setters have joined our group and are happily showing their handsome wooden bow ties to the wonderment and admiration of all. Most sales still come from word of mouth.

We are still interested in limericks - if anyone is feeling creative please forward your work.  Once again if you would send us your email address or fax no. it would save both time and money.

Happy April holidays!
All our very best wishes.



P.S. If you have a fax or email please send that information to me for the your next newsletter! Thanks!



International Wooden Bow Tie Club
5112 Ashlar Village, Wallingford, CT 06492
Telephone 203-265-3001